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Client Portal

Updated: May 10, 2022

At Elvet we aim to be a one-stop shop for recruitment in our specialist sectors. We utilise various professional tools to deliver results and to ensure that the process is made as comfortable and efficient as possible from our client’s end.

Our integrated CRM system works on all platforms including PC and mobile meaning you can access candidates info and CV’s from anywhere via our portal.

Candidate Lists

When representing candidates to clients, our CRM will compile a candidate summary into an email with a link that you can use to access a list of candidates put forward to each role. Each role has its own specific Live List making it easy to keep track of progress rather than having to search through multiple emails.

When clicking the link, we are notified so can answer any questions or call to discuss.

Within the link:

  • There is a custom-built list of candidates that have been represented by your consultant for the job.

  • There is the consultants contact details if you have any queries.

  • You can access a full summary, current job info, location for each candidate.

  • You can access a downloadable PDF of the CV for your ease.

  • You can request candidates for interviews with desired date & time. Sending an email to the consultant who can then organise.

  • You can reject candidates with feedback. Sending an email to the consultant who can pass on feedback and target their search more effectively.

The reason we chose to use this system was to make the process more organised and efficient for our clients. Ultimately, it saves time for you and means that each job role will be organised into an individual list so you can keep a track of live progress with interviews, offers and placements.

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