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Client Interview Prep

Updated: May 10, 2022

It is just as important as a potential employer to present yourself and the company efficiently to prospective candidates who you are interviewing.

The construction sector is becoming more and more of a candidate-driven market as the supply and demand for staff gets more and more constant. This is important as ultimately the people you are interviewing are likely interviewing with multiple companies. You have to sell the business and make it stand out as somewhere they want to work.

Be on time

Simple but obvious. It is a candidates first impression of you as a company so turning up late to an interview can often start the interview on the back foot. (If there are any delays please make your consultant aware).

Organised format

Think of a format for the interview and make your consultant aware so the candidate can be fully prepared and perform to their best. If any presentations or work beforehand are required then please give suitable time for these to be prepared.

Make it personable

Tell candidates about your journey with the company and how you got to where you are. Tell them about the positives that you have in your role with company processes, structure and positives such as work-life balance.

Professional space

The candidates first impression of the company will likely be the company office building so ensure the space that they are interviewing will be clear from clutter and presentable.

Company growth & future:

Give the candidate an understanding of some significant company achievements over the years e.g. growth in turnover, new office spaces etc. Give them an idea of growth plans or future plans for the company as this will make them feel included in something exciting and organised.

Positives of working for your company

Don’t just focus on salary etc. Include any reasons why you were interested in working for the business such as reputation, projects, growth, employee benefits, work-life balance, progression etc.

Do not be negative about other employers

Even if you have a negative opinion on other businesses and competitors, refrain from talking badly about them. This can often put yourself and the company in a bad light from a prospective employee’s perspective.

Ultimately, an interview is a matter of showing candidates why they should work for you whilst them showing you why they should work for you. To achieve success it must be a 50/50 process and both sides should come out the interview feeling positive about the other.

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