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Elvet Service Step by Step

Updated: May 10, 2022

Why get in touch? Our service…

At Elvet we offer more than just posting job vacancies. We use our individual experience within the specific sectors to offer a pro-active job seeking service on your behalf. Due to our consultants being specialists in their remits they can offer an up-to-date knowledge of companies in the area that they can use to seek out your next role.

Step 1: Get in touch. Whether its an email to one of our consultants, or a call on 0191 3849376.

Step 2: Our consultants will discuss with you your experience and your reasons for looking for a new role. They will get to know your background, particular skills that you have or particular desires that you have for your next job. Reasons for looking etc.

Step 3: Discuss companies. Our consultants will use their market knowledge and the conversation around experience and your career path to explain a plan of companies they can target for you initially.

Step 4: Our consultants will speak to and pro-actively target potential employers on your behalf. Having telephone conversations, sending a CV with the aim of organising interviews for you with these companies.

Step 5: We will guide you through the whole interview process, giving you any hints & tips as to the type of person the employer looks for, type of questions you will be asked and questions for you to ask.

Step 6: We will deliver any successful job offers to you from the employer and assist with answering any queries that you may have. We will walk you through the process of handing your notice in to your current employer and organising a start date for your new exciting job!

Step 7: New job day! We will now keep in touch for several months if you have any queries or concerns we are on hand to work with your new employer to help.

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