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CV Writing

Updated: May 10, 2022

CV’s are often a first impression so it is important to strike the right balance when it comes to writing one. Potential employers can be guilty of judging a CV very quickly so ensure that in the sections below you are using specific words that are relevant to the desired job.


Brief summary of your experience to date. Any key points that you wish to highlight from your experience that match the desired job. Any skills you may have that makes you desirable for the potential employer.

Remember: this is to catch their eye and to make them read on to your career history below.

Education & Qualifications

List your qualifications so they are clear for employers to see at first glance.

“Education”: Bullet point list.

“Qualifications”: Bullet point list.

Career History

List your experience by company starting with current/most recent first.

Suggested format:

“Job Title” at “Employer Name” - “date from - to”

“Projects List”: 3-5 projects max. Overview of work undertaken. Include client & value if possible.

“Duties Undertaken”: Bullet point list of duties undertaken.

“Technical Information”: List any software/technology used etc. (if applicable).

“Key Achievements”: Key achievements on projects e.g. increased profit, award won etc.


“References are available on request”

You can put reference details on your CV but many people choose not to. This ensures that your referees will only be contacted if you give your permission. Ensure you have 2-3 referees who you have made aware you are using them.

Final Tips

  • Use relevant ‘keywords’ to ensure your CV stands out to potential employers and in searches.

  • Explain any gaps in your CV or time off work honestly.

  • Expand on abbreviations as the person reading may not be aware what they mean.

  • Include your email and phone number in contact details.

  • Spelling and grammar check – ensure you check thoroughly for any mistakes and even ask someone else to check as well.

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